Under applicable California law, AR-15 rifles with bullet buttons are now considered assault weapons and must be registered by June 30, 2018. If you convert your rifle to a “no function” rifle, you do NOT need to register it as an assault weapon. A “no function” rifle is a fully functional rifle without the generic characteristics (or functions) that define an assault weapon (e.g., pistol grip, lightning suppression, telescopic shaft, etc.). An AR-15 “no function” medium-fire rifle CAN have a normal and fully functional magazine. Our CRG-15 rifle handle does NOT meet the California definition of a pistol grip (see details below*) due to the “forced” placement of the trigger hand lane; Therefore, we have classified this product as “Compliant Rifle Grip”. The CRG-15 handle is an important aspect of building a “non-functional” rifle. There are other ways to eliminate the pistol grip on your rifle to make it compliant or “no function,” but many of them aren`t comfortable or functional, like Kydex handle windings or grip fins. Many don`t look very good or are downright ugly! Others are very expensive and difficult to go back if you want to shoot in another state. On the other hand, our CRG-15 rifle handle is very affordable and requires only one screw for installation. We`ve also made it as comfortable and functional as possible, while keeping it consistent with the modern look of the AR-15 platform (it pairs well with other high-end furniture already on your rifle). We believe that our CRG-15 rifle handle is of the highest quality, best value for money, best look and the most comfortable “non-pistol” grip available on the market.

We hope you agree! I bought this handle because I didn`t like what my Thorsden Gen 3 looked like and I wanted to be able to use normal stock. I didn`t have high expectations, but this handle is actually very comfortable and since I`m a fake shooter, I love that it has thumb shelves on both sides. The only reason I don`t give it 5 stars is that you can`t use it with a fixed stock because you couldn`t have your thumb on the other side. Overall, this is one of the best featureless handles I`ve ever used. And I used them everyone who lives in New York. This is the typical handle of an AR-15, where you wrap your hands around the protruding handle when shooting and the net rests between the thumb and index finger under the exposed trigger. These are basically Kydex sleeves with a fin protruding from behind and that you slide on your existing pistol grip to prevent you from using it as, well, pistol grip. In my opinion, the best AC compliant handle on the market.

Not only pleasant to hold and shoot, but also the most aesthetically pleasing indulgent grip you can put on your rifle. Much better than these handfuls of fins! Thank you for this great product. One thing to remember: With a featureless handle, you can no longer use most safes because all your fingers are on the right side of your weapon. You want to get ambidextrous security that works with your handle. As a shark fine Grips, the Megafin Featureless handle has a fin that extends from the back of the handle, but the Megafin is its own handle and not something you put on your handle. Stock lock pin for use with california featureless buttstock configuration. This product has not been approved by a national or local firearms regulatory authority for regulatory compliance. Ultimate in customization, this handle is cut for a pressure switch pad and supports additional accessories with two case-shaped rail plates. ⢠Compatible with Weaver / Picatinny 1913. A semi-automatic center-fire rifle with any of these characteristics and a removable magazine is considered an “offensive weapon” under California law and is illegal.

Finally, we`ll also discuss a few pre-built, feature-free ARs that you can buy if you want an AR, but also need to make sure it`s legal in California. Here`s a great video review of Joel on GunGuyTV. It really praises our safety after 4:40 and it`s definitely worth a look if you`re using any type of handle without functionality. Be sure to subscribe to his channel to follow the 2A news in California. We were informed that at 4:10 in this video, Joel incorrectly states that there could be enough room for your thumb if you use a fixed stock. does NOT exist. Please read all the FAQ articles (see the FAQ tab above) and in particular this one on fixed actions. We don`t want to mislead a customer about the pros and cons of non-functional rifles or our grip. Please call or email if you have any questions, we are here for you and will be happy to help you.

If you live in Crapifornia and want to prevent your gun from being considered bad, these handles are the best solution I`ve found. The Thordsen FRS-15 Stock Kit allows you to make your pistol grip and shaft (which we`ll discuss later) functional with the same kit. The original 1989 legislation identified as offensive weapons a list of makes and models of weapons that could then – with a few exceptions – be purchased anywhere in the state. There was a big caveat: assault weapons purchased before the law was passed had a grandfather. People could register and own them legally. Without the pistol grip, your AR won`t look as much like an AR, but you`ll quickly get an idea of the other handle that looks more like a shotgun handle, and you shouldn`t see any impact on your performance once you get used to it. As mentioned earlier, to be considered unusable, a rifle may not have certain functions, including the popular pistol grip or the less popular grenade launcher. DESCRIPTION: Ledesma Arms Featureless handle that holds the mesh of your fingers above and behind the trigger line, and original MAG trigger included. Available in black. CON: Sort of expensive professional: Great grip instead of the Fine Thumb Shaft “Grip” is a great handle extension.

CA a must! The best AR handle without functionality on the market and even better people! If you`re on the fence above, definitely try it, you can`t say enough good things about this company! The Aim Sports Modern Sporting Rifle AK Grip has a detachable fin and a rear strap. Complete with steel AK handle screw, washer and flip bolt for permanent fastening. Made of high reinforced glass. The Aim Sports Modern Sporting Rifle AR Grip includes a detachable fin and a rear strap. Complete with steel AR gripper screw, washer and roller pin for permanent fastening. Made of glass fiber reinforced composite polymer and modern ergonomic design. This product has not been approved by any national or local regulatory authority for regulatory compliance. Please consult a competent firearms lawyer before attempting to bring your rifle into compliance with national or local assault weapons laws. Seekins, Battle Arms, and DPMS are all great ambidextrous collaterals that are easy to use with their featureless handle.

Designed with modern square shooting postures in mind. This handle was built from scratch to fit the ergonomics of the human hand. ⢠Durable polymer construction ⢠Ergonomic. And if you like the feel of your telescopic bearing, you can opt for the Stock-Lok kit without functionality. These include a stick locomotive, a functionless handle with a handy thumb rest, a muzzle brake, and all the tools and materials you need to install your new non-functional items. High-capacity magazines defined by the state as more than 10 cartridges are allowed to be sold illegally in California. On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, a federal appeals court upheld a ban on their possession approved by California voters in a 7-4 decision. Many featureless handles and shafts also require you to modify your handle so that there is no ideal place for your thumb. Minimalist profile for use as a front handle or hand stop.

Designed for comfortable wrist angle when using a thumb shooting posture on the bore.