For purpose-driven women executives and entrepreneurs who are looking to learn how to strategically leverage LinkedIn 

to build their own tables and position themselves as thought leaders to elevate their authority, influence and revenue.

This self-paced training and coaching membership for purpose-driven women executives and entrepreneurs includes monthly LinkedIn hands-on workshops, profile and content audits, videos on LinkedIn tips, content ideas and features, group coaching, and a DIY LinkedIn course. The goal of this membership is to help you build a powerful personal brand, network and elevate your thought leadership, authority and revenue at your pace.

As a participant in LinkedIn Thought Leadership Academy you will also get free membership to Her Success Society, a community and educational hub for women thought leaders.


Hi, I’m Nyna Caputi!

I am a LinkedIn and Thought Leadership Trainer and Consultant. I work with ambitious and purpose driven women professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses who want to go from being invisible to standing out from the crowd and getting ahead in their careers through kicking impostor syndrome to the curb, powering up their LinkedIn profile and presence, building a strong personal brand and showcasing their expertise and services.

I am also a speaker and educator and host LinkedIn workshops for corporations, business teams, professional organizations, employee resource groups, and women’s networks . 

I was also recognized as one of the top 15 LinkedIn experts in San Francisco in 2023.

What members are saying about LinkedIn Thought Leadership Academy

“Although I have had a LinkedIn profile for several years, I was among the overwhelming majority who really didn’t use the platform. Why? Simply because I did not know how, so I could not tap into the potential. Leaning into Nyna’s positivity, tips and insights on leveraging LinkedIn convinced me that my growth path should include the LinkedIn Thought Leadership Academy. This affiliation has provided exactly what I needed – practical guidance on understanding how to strategically navigate LinkedIn and peer support. If you are looking to build your thought leadership and authority on LinkedIn to attract your target audience and clients, I enthusiastically recommend this experience.”

Anna Neimann


 “I joined the LinkedIn Thought Leadership Academy because of my desire to establish myself as a Thought Leader (using my experiences and skills) on LinkedIn. I’ve had the desire for a while but didn’t have the “how-to”. I was confident that by joining the academy I would have the framework/process to become a credible Thought Leader. I’m so glad that I joined the academy. The support from the members and Nyna and the LinkedIn tips and strategies I have learned has had a positive impact on me personally and professionally. I am learning how to put myself out there and showcase my expertise. I can see my growth! If you are on the fence, I would say “Join! Join! Join! “Just Do It! You won’t regret it. Your future self will definitely thank you! You have something special that the world needs and the Thought Leadership Academy will provide the support and framework to showcase it to the world.”

Brandi Stephens


 “Nyna Caputi’s LinkedIn Thought Leadership Academy is a gold mine of hands-on workshops and training programs, LinkedIn tips and strategies on how to optimize your profile, content and build a network of potential clients and collaborators so you can build your visibility and showcase your business. I am enjoying learning and implementing the tools to leverage LinkedIn and know it will reap many rewards for me. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to start and scale their success on LinkedIn.”

Dominika Miernik 

“I hadn’t updated my LinkedIn profile in ages. I never realized how important it is for your brand and your message. Nyna gave great insight on what I should include in my profile should include as well as what I didn’t need. She also was instrumental in helping me become more intentional on how I show up on LinkedIn, from my own posts and engagement on others. Most importantly I enjoyed her genuine support and enthusiasm for my mission. She wants to see you succeed. I would highly recommend her expertise as a LinkedIn trainer and coach and the LinkedIn Thought Leadership Academy.”

Rajinder Rai

What you get when you join

1. Live audits of your profile, content, events, and newsletter. 

2. Reviews and updates of new LinkedIn features

3. Workbooks, cheatsheets and checklists

4. Group Coaching, Ask me Anything on LinkedIn sessions with Nyna

5. LinkedIn Masterclasses to learn and implement new features.

6. Access to a member-only Playbook

7. Opportunities to participate in LinkedIn Lives and LinkedIn Audio Events

8. Free access to Her Success Society Membership – a community, resource and educational platform for women professionals to build their thought leadership.

9. Monthly LinkedIn Content Clinics and Tips

BONUS for all new members: 1:1 30 min free LinkedIn coaching session with Nyna

So what does it cost?

The good news is you get to be part of this incredible program for less than two dollars a day!



Billed once a month


$500 (2 months free)

Billed once a year


This program is for any woman executive or entrepreneur looking to level up her thought leadership on LinkedIn by implementing the strategies, coaching and training in the Academy

Every new member gets a 30 min LinkedIn profile or content review with me on Zoom.

All sessions will be recorded and will be available to watch inside the membership, so you can watch them at your leisure. 

You can cancel your membership at anytime if you are on the monthly plan or at the end of 12 months if you are on the annual plan.