Grow your personal brand, visibility and thought leadership to get the success you want and desire in this  membership  for talented professional women who want to shine.

Coaching, workshops and a supportive community to help you go from stuck and invisible to getting the clarity and confidence you need to step out of your comfort zone, showcase your expertise and get the opportunities you want and the success you desire.

Using Nyna’s own five step framework you will develop the mindset and the tools to get seen, get known and get the success you want.

And if you are already at the stage of putting yourself out there, then being part of this membership will help you to keep the momentum up as well as build on your skills  and open you up to new opportunities and a network that will shine the light on your brilliance.

Don’t be your best kept secret!

Hiding in the shadows is not doing you or anyone else any favors.


But I am not even clear on what my unique skills are.

I was in the same boat and had to figure it out the hard way. I will provide you with the tools and guidance to help you get clear on and discover your zone of genius, the first step in your path to getting visible and leveling up your career.


I’m too scared to put myself out there.

I hear you. For the longest time I was scared too. I will show you how to build the right mindset to step out of your comfort zone and get visible.


I don’t know how to showcase my expertise.

That’s why you join Her Success Society. You will learn from me how to do just that as well as have access to opportunities as a member to share with my larger network.
To summarize:

→ when you join this membership, and access the resources, opportunities and workshops , you will get the clarity, the confidence and the tools to shine a light on your genius and get seen, known and get the success you want.

→ Once you learn to you put yourself out there and showcase you expertise, you build authority and thought leadership opening the door to many new opportunities.

→ The opportunities or success could be financial, it could be the ability to serve others while serving yourself, it could be achieving goals you never thought possible it could be the ability to create lifestyle and a career that you love, to do work you enjoy, where you want and when you want.


Hi, I’m Nyna Caputi!

Since 2013  I have been helping 100s of women with diverse backgrounds step into the spotlight, showcase their expertise, and thought leadership to find  success as defined by them.

For the longest tIme I was stuck in a job that I disliked. Once I got clarity on what  my  superpower or unique skills were , I  learned how stepping out of my comfort zone and shinning the light on my expertise, built my authority and credibility and opened the doors to many new opportunities.

I want to make your dreams and goals a reality by helping you create a powerful personal brand, elevate your visibility and get in front of the right people.

What you get when you join

A community of professional women peers who understand your challenges and needs.

Opportunities for you to shine a light on their brilliance, so you can get known for  your expertise and level up your career.

Regular workshops and masterclasses with Nyna or guest experts  focused on helping your build your mindset, personal brand, visibility, thought leadership.

Accountability partners and mini-challenges to help you to meet your immediate and long term goals.

Virtual networking events so you can connect with other women in the membership.

Digital products and tools that help you map out and implement the training and coaching you get in the workshops.



A members only podcast with audio recordings of our workshops as well as weekly thoughts and tips from Nyna that you can listen to on the go.

Member discounts on coaching, courses and events 

Access to recordings of our Empowered Women’s Leadership Summit 2022 presentations .


Videos and Workshops inside the membership

So what does it cost?

The good news is you get to be part of this incredible membership for less than a dollar a day!



Billed once a month


$350 (2 months free)

Billed once a year


This membership is for any woman looking to level up her thought leadership and career. It is not limited to one location or industry.

Every new member gets a 30 min onboarding 1:1 call with me to discuss your goals, what support you need and strategies.

All sessions will be recorded and will be available to watch inside the membership, so you can watch them at your leisure. Almost all of the sessions will also have the audio recording available to listen to when you are on the go on our members-only private podcast. 

You can cancel your membership at anytime.

So will you be joining us?


🙌🏼  … that we all have special and unique talents and have something to offer the world.

🙌🏼 …that we all have the power to make our dreams a reality and live the life we want and deserve.

Is this what you believe too?

                Then it’s time to step out of the shadows and stride into your success…..

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