Don`t make legalizing your Can-Am Defender more difficult than it should be. Some drivers can`t bother to go ahead and order all the road-approved UTV accessories they need for their Can-Am Defender, but with full Can-Am Defender UTV road approval kits, there`s really no excuse. For example, atV TEK`s Can-Am Defender Street Legal Kit is one of our most popular options. This special Can-Am Defender Street Legal Kit comes with blinders, a horn button, screens, and everything you need to customize your Can-Am Defender to meet the road legal requirements of your state regulator. If your state or county requires you to display a registration number on your Can-Am Defender, we`ve got you covered as well. We have Can-Am Defender stickers and digital stickers in a variety of colors to match your ride. Drive on public roads today without breaking the law by installing the appropriate Can-Am Defender Road Approval Kit, can-Am Defender Street Legal Kit or Ryco Street Legal Kit on your Can-Am Defender! Sure, you can buy each Can-Am Defender component separately and install each part individually, but why bother when it`s incredibly easy to get a full Can-Am Defender kit homologated for the road from a place like Everything Can-Am Offroad? Some of the UTV road approval accessories your state might need to make your Can-Am Defender legal on the road include horn kits, UTV road-approved rear and side mirrors, turn signal kits, license plate mounts, and road-certified tires. So, what street-approved UTV accessories do you need to order to make your Can-Am Defender legal on the road? Some states, like North Dakota, don`t have laws that say you need to equip your Can-Am Defender with legal street turn signals, but you do have to pay the license fees, insure your Can-Am Defender, and install an illuminated license plate holder. Other states have statewide rules for legal UTVs on the roads, while in some states, the rules may vary from county to county. Whatever the case for your specific state or county, at Everything Can-Am Offroad we have all the accessories you need to make your Can-Am Defender legal. Sure, the Can-Am Defender was designed for off-roading, but that doesn`t mean you have to limit the time you enjoy with it to mud holes and sand dunes.

Most people only think about the off-road driving they can do when buying a Can-Am Defender, but being able to drive on neighborhood streets and country roads can be one of the most enjoyable features of the Can-Am Defender. Although the Can-Am Defender is not legal in its standard form, it is surprisingly easy to make it legal on the street. With a Can-Am Defender Street Legal Kit, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with your UTV. Our Self-Cancelling Can-Am Defender Turn Signal Kit also includes a “Hazard/Horn” toggle switch. Pressing the top “Hazard” side of the actuator turns on the hazard lights and pressing them again will turn them off. In addition, pressing the bottom part of the custom toggle switch activates the supplied FIAMM horn. Each ATS has a vehicle-specific wiring harness that connects in-line to the factory rear belt. The brake light signal passes through the ATS. As a result, the opposite brake light is still working normally while the activated turn signal brake light flashes. As long as you drive slowly and follow local traffic rules, some small towns may not care if you`re driving on the streets with your Can-Am Defender, as long as you`re respectful and don`t attract too much attention. In some cities, it can only be a matter of knowing the right people or authorities if you get away with a Can-Am Defender or other unapproved UTV. However, to stay on the safe side, it`s best to simply install the accessories needed to make your Can-Am Defender legal on the road, such as side mirrors, turn signals, and illuminated license plate holders.

Finally, the cost of ordering Can-Am Defender accessories for homologation or a road approval kit and their installation is likely to be cheaper than the fine you would have to pay if you are caught. Whether it`s fully integrated turn signal kits for your Can-Am Defender XMR or some road-approved side mirrors that you can attach to your Can-Am Defender XT HD10`s safety cage when it comes to getting what you need to make a Can-Am Defender legal for the roads, there`s no better place than Everything Can-Am Offroad. In some states, getting your Can-Am Defender certified on the road is as simple as going to the DMV, paying for a $40 Class 1 day, and staying away from controlled-access roads, or for those in West Coast states like California, highways, and highways. In other places, the process of legalizing a Can-Am Defender can be more tedious. In some parts of the country, road-approved UTV accessories must be installed on the Can-Am Defender before it can be put on the road. Without the right Can-Am Defender accessories for road homologations in these states, you won`t be able to drive on public roads, even if you have the right labels and papers. Plug and Play Easy Installation Fits 2016-2022 Can-Am Defender Includes Two Orange Front Lights .75″ 3 LEDs Plug In OEM Brake Light Wiring Harness, with LED Laser Engraved Factory Taillight Turn Switch Emergency Danger Switch Rear Exit for Optional License Plate Light Made in the United States! XTC Universal Plug & Play Turn Signal System with Horn – Uses genuine Brake Lights Can-Am Defender Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit (4 LED Kit) from SuperATV Unlike our competitors, all ATS kits include additional power for a license plate lamp or projector. In addition, the auxiliary power is good to power our 6″ LED Bed license plate frame. Above all, each system has an electrical connection specific to the vehicle. Undoubtedly, it is easy to install, without cutting the wires and without crimping. Due to its size, the ATS is also versatile. Everything you need for integration into your vehicles, OEM brake light harness included.

Unplug the taillight, plug in ours and enjoy. XTC Power products, made in America and wired for funĀ®! XTC Power Products is a leader in UTV cabling. With our new self-lifting turn signal system for the Can-Am Defender, you never leave your turn signal on. Similar to its predecessor, the TSS (Turn Signal System), the ATS is an easy-to-install plug and play turn signal kit on the Defender turn signal kit. The ATS consists of a small solid-state control box that performs its functions and is different from the larger control box of the previous generation.