Please ensure that your certified documents are no more than 12 months old from the date of submission. Original documents will not be accepted with your application for a qualified immigration assessment. Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant. Please provide certified copies of your documents. Note: All documents issued by the issuing authority of the country of origin must be originals or certified true copies and, where applicable, translated into English, this translation must be certified by a sworn translator. Applicants must renew their temporary resident visa pending the outcome of the permanent resident permit The number of files that can be uploaded for each application is limited. However, you can embed multiple documents in each file to reduce the total number of uploaded files. Please note that the file size should not exceed 5 MB. Applications and documents submitted online can be confirmed and tracked by your ImmiAccount, available here: If you wish to confirm receipt of applications or documents submitted by registered mail or courier, you should check with the supplier to confirm delivery. If you have provided documents to the ministry by email, an automated message should confirm that they have been received.

Please note that applications cannot be submitted by email. You can check the status of your application via ImmiAccount, which is available at this link: Please consult the document checklist corresponding to the subclass you are applying for to see which documents you need to attach to your application. These must be scanned color copies. If you are submitting your documents by email, please scan the certified true copies and attach them as a PDF file to your email. Please note that you must be present at the consulate to certify your documents. If you are unable to attend the consulate in person, you will need to write a letter of power of attorney to authorize another person to have the documents certified on your behalf. Please submit a corresponding document on the proxy letter. The authorized person must also be provided with identification.

The Department does not provide further confirmation of receipt of documents or requests. In cases where the applicant resides abroad, the documents may be certified by a citizen of the applicant`s country of residence who is employed in one of the professions listed on the website of the Ministry of Interior. Please note that the certification must appear on the front of the document (not the back of the document). The documents must be certified in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior. Please note these standards, as well as a complete list of professionals authorized to certify documents on their website. To ensure that your application meets published processing times, we strongly recommend that you submit complete applications. The checklists on ImmiAccount will help you ensure that you have included all the required documents during the application process. The supporting documents required for a visa application may vary depending on your country of residence.

Please consult the individual website of the Australian mission where you wish to submit your visa application to determine these requirements: Belgrade, Berlin and London You can travel to Australia on a temporary visa while waiting for your permanent visa to be finalized. However, as with all visas, you must meet the criteria of this visa and ensure that your entry and stay in Australia meets the relevant requirements of this visa. For more information on other visas for Australia, please visit our website: If you continue to require technical support only for account-related issues, please send a description of your issue and screenshots via ImmiAccount`s technical support form to This service will not respond to requests from general information. Police releases must be originals if sent by mail, or a scanned colour copy if uploaded to ImmiAccount or emailed. All other documents such as identity documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates, as well as other supporting documents for your visa application, can be copies. Please do not provide original documents unless specifically requested by the Department. The Consulate General of Australia in Mumbai may provide certified true copies of certain original documents. Upon certification, a photocopy of the original document is made and certified. It contains: • visa class and subclass • visa issue and expiry date • visa issue number • must enter Australia by the date • the names of all relatives listed on the visa • the number of entries allowed • the length of stay • all requirements applicable to your visa in plain English. Once you have obtained a visa, go to and select “Check your own visa details with VEVO”. If you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, a login screen will appear. The Consulate General of Australia uses a stamp with the following text on our certified true copies: “This is an authentic copy of the document presented to me”, followed by the stamp of the certifying officer with the name, title and seal of the consulate.

We cannot change these formulations, if you need an alternative formulation, please contact another supplier. Detailed information on visa options for Australia is available on the ministry`s website at: A certified true copy of a document is a copy of an original document certified by an authorized person as an authentic copy. Authorized persons include: justices of the peace, lawyers and police officers. ImmiAccount allows you to update your contact and passport information. This is the fastest and most efficient way to ensure that your data is accurate in departmental systems. Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to do this. How to update passport details How to update address details How to update email address It is not necessary to have a return ticket upon arrival in Australia. However, border authorities must be satisfied that visitors, holidaymakers and temporary residents intend and have the means to leave Australia before their visas expire. While not mandatory, you may want to have a copy of your bank statement with you to prove that you have enough funds to purchase a plane ticket from Australia.

Minister of the InteriorDr. Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi All travellers who are not Australian citizens require a valid visa or permission to enter Australia. This must be obtained before traveling to Australia. Special provisions apply to most New Zealand citizens and people who can cross Australia without a visa. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. You should read this information carefully before contacting the Global Service Center. Visa Compliance / Visa Permits and Cancellations Thank you for visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page for the activities of the Ministry of the Interior in Europe. This information is provided for requests processed in Belgrade, Berlin and London. You can view current visa and citizenship processing times globally for most visa subclasses and citizenship types. Current processing times can be found on the product page for the specific visa subcategory or type of citizenship you are applying for. You can access any product through individuals and travelers or Visa assistance.

Two turnaround times are displayed on the product page, indicating the time it takes to process 75% and 90% of all applications submitted worldwide, respectively. To complete the application, you must provide the following in the second part of the application process: • Date of birth • The passport number you used in your visa application • Country of passport With your permission, employers, rental companies, road and road authorities, educational institutions, banks and organizations can check your visa eligibility online. Other government agencies, such as Medicare and Centrelink, can also verify your visa eligibility. Organizations do not need to see a visa label; You can check your visa status and eligibility online. Any person wishing to enter or remain in Australia must meet the character requirement set out in section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 (the Act). This includes all non-citizens, sponsors of visa applicants and non-migrant family members wishing to enter or stay in Australia. Please note that if your trip to Australia requires you to have spent a cumulative period of 12 months or more in Australia in the last 10 years, you will need to present an Australian Federal Police (AFP) cheque for your permanent visa to be issued. For more information, please visit: The website includes a “Find a Visa” tool that provides you with appropriate visa options based on the information you provide. This is an easy-to-use tool that provides you with detailed information about visa options, including how to apply for one.

On the ministry`s website, you will also find frequently asked questions on a wide range of topics. Visa Entitlement Verification Online, also known as VEVO, is a secure and free web service available anywhere, inside or outside Australia, at any time. VEVO allows you to check your visa details online and provides information about your visa requirements and eligibility. Using VEVO is a safe and effective way to confirm your visa`s current eligibility.