The story begins in New York with a birthday party for eight-year-old Chealsea Deardon, daughter of famous artist Sebastian Deardon (James Hurdle). We see the fire that devastated their home later that night, killing the painter and destroying millions of dollars of art, including the last room he owned. This film had a really whimsical and charming quality. Assistant DA and divorced father Robert Redford was instantly adorable because he is both a rock star lawyer and a clumsy jerk who types when he has insomnia. Debra Winger was equally adorable because she is a legal nerd who will go to court for fun and time. In a way, the whole vibe is pretty soothing, and even though it`s not a brilliant masterpiece, I know I`ll definitely see it again! This was brought to the screen by the same director who made both “Ghostbusters” and the truly horrible “Twins.” While there`s obviously a chemistry between lead actors Debra Winger and Robert Redford, it falls flat if you try too hard to be more than one thing. A romantic comedy, a legal thriller, he never really decided. Redford is, as always, charming and worth checking out, Winger shows off her comedic skills over tea and Terrence Stamp looks a little embarrassed to be here. When you add the empty stick to Daryl Hannah, it becomes confusing, to say the least. Even Brian Dennehy, who is usually pretty good, struggles with tone and for each plot. Legal Eagles isn`t one of the best courtroom movies, but it`s one of the most entertaining in terms of light entertainment. Ideal for a Sunday morning when the stress of playing your favorite football team decreases. Successful lawyer Tom Logan (Redford) is asked by lawyer Laura Kelly (Winger) to help him in a difficult case: Chelsea Deardon (Hannah), daughter of a famous New York painter who died in a house fire, is suspected of attempting to steal a painting of her father.

The paintings, a flight, a plot and Brian Dennehy and Terence Stamp? I`m sold. Director: Ivan Reitman. Rod Stewart`s song Love Touch is always in my head when I think of this movie, which is not surprising because it is all over the score. All three help Legal Eagles overcome a rather boring plot, as does a large cast of familiar faces. Redford synchronizes his lips with Singin` in the Rain and Daryl Hannah, who presents a performance art exhibition that must be considered the strangest scene of his career. And she`s already played a mermaid. Just nice, forgotten, a bit silly, but pretty charming things. Legal Eagles is a 1986 American drama film directed by Ivan Reitman. Redford and Winger have a good chemistry with each other, based on good humor and mutual respect. And Hannah is very effective in the role of the distant girl who spends most of the film looking sexy and/or guilty like hell.

The tension between Redford and Winger reminds us of Hepburn and Tracy, who seemed to struggle in their best images just to reconcile. If the whole movie had been reduced a little bit, just to the story of these characters, maybe we would have had something here. But what about performance? Here we are on safer ground. Unfortunately, Reitman seems to be hedging his bets by combining the story of “Legal Eagles” with the action and pyrotechnics of “Ghostbusters.” After the fires, explosions, car chases, shootings, ambushes, and corpses, the film`s human story somehow seems lonely and abandoned. Perhaps he had a satirical purpose to surround people with so much activity. I don`t know. But the added ingredients make a potentially better movie a confusing, cluttered and disjointed one. The film was built at Universal, which is operated by CAA client Frank Price. Tom Mankiewicz was hired to rewrite the script. With a production budget of $40 million, the film is one of the most expensive ever released.[3][4] It grossed a total of $49,851,591 in North America and $43,300,000 internationally, totaling $93,151,591 worldwide. [11] In fact, I liked it very much.

Good casting and a captivating story. I didn`t expect it to be like the thriller it was, but it really captivated me. Redford was awesome as expected and he had great support. I can`t imagine this being someone`s favorite drama in the courtroom, but I had a great time with him and would recommend him. Segue o roteiro padrão das comédias criminais da década de 80, trilha sonora pop, cenas clichês de ação e suspense, uma atriz “sex simbol“ do momento e atores com uma carreira sólida. Diverte e tem aquela nostalgia de um tempo que ficou no passado, mas não é nada memorável. ivan Reitman e o trio principal tem trabalhos bem melhores no currículo. In October 1985, it was announced that Reitman would direct, starring Redford, Winger and Hannah. [5] “I love sophisticated comedies from the late `40s, and I see it as that kind of movie,” Reitman said. [6] “For years, I felt like Parafin had been poured on me,” Redford said.

“I wanted to do something lighter. [2] She claims that many paintings survived the fire, which was started because of insurance fraud. Pembroke J. Herring Sheldon Kahn William D. Gordean Thriller and Police Relations Comedy Rough humor and satire Cops, Murder, Thriller, Detective or Crime Chemistry, Hilarious, Romantic Comedy, Sweet or humorous Crime, Murder, Detective, Murderer or Crime Comedy, Funny, Hilar, Humor or Jokes Film Noir, Femme Fatale, 1940s, Thriller or Fascinating Show All. And every time I saw Robert Redford, I wish he wasn`t wearing pants. The filmmakers spared no expenses. The director is Ivan Reitman, whose previous loan was “Ghostbusters,” which was supposed to be a tech explosion.

This time, in a film nominally about real people, fires and explosions distract a trifle. “Redford captures the screen better than anyone I`ve ever seen,” Reitman said during filming. “To compete with him on screen, you need someone with a lot of substance. You need another star. And movies where you don`t have anyone with the strength of women like Streisand and Fonda or men like Hoffman and Newman are erased from the screen. I think Debra Winger has stuff like that. That is what I am counting on. It seems to be in the footage we`ve shot so far. [7] Tom Logan (Robert Redford), an assistant district attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney`s Office, is expected to be the next district attorney. Laura Kelly (Debra Winger), a lawyer representing performance artist Chelsea Deardon (Daryl Hannah), visits Logan to discuss her client`s case.

Chelsea is accused of attempting to steal a painting from millionaire Robert Forrester (John McMartin) and claims that her artist father Sebastian Deardon (James Hurdle) gave her the painting eighteen years earlier for her 8th birthday.