When Yoh visits Lyserg on the X-Laws ship, Marco and his team confront Yoh and later attack him after declining Joan`s invitation to join the X-Laws, but without success. Eventually, they manage to free Boris` guardian spirit and free Lyserg. Ryu defeats Boris and faints, but is saved from the fall by Lyserg. The X Laws then appear to kill Boris, leaving Lyserg in fear of their power. As the X-laws leave, Lyserg thinks about how amazing they were. In gratitude to Yoh for saving him, Bill Burton leads the group through the underground caverns until the presence of the Great Spirit causes them all to vanish large amounts of spiritual energy. Luchist Lasso Statistics Japanese name ラキスト・ラッソ Romanized name Rakisuto Rasso English name Luka (2001)[1]Luchist Lasso (2021) First appearance Chapter 78 (Manga)Episode 33 (2001 Anime)Episode 13 (2021 Anime) Lasso Memberships FamilyX-Laws (formerly)Haos FollowersTeam “Hoshi-Gumi” Professions ReverendFounder of the X-Laws (formerly)ShamanBeiname Reverend Luchist (牧師ルチスト, Bokushi Ruchisuto)Laciff (ラシフ, Rashifu) Furyoku Level 210,000 (original)360,000 (final) Date of birth 1 June, 1949 Blood type B VA Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi (2001)Koichiro Matsuda (2021) English VA Andrew Rannells (2001)Bernhard Forcher (2021) Guardian Spirits Seirei ClassLucifer Luchist Lasso (ラキスト・ラッソ, Rakisuto Rasso, Luka in the 2001 English version) is a fictional character in Shaman King`s manga and anime. As the founder and former leader of the X-Laws, Luchist Lasso is by far one of the powerful shamans working under Asakura Hao. Luchist is Marco Lasso`s main rival. Apparently, the two were close friends in their past. However, when Asakura Hao intervened, the lives of the comrades would change forever.

When Yoh arrives at the X-Laws` ship, Lyserg watches Yoh fight against the X-laws, without Jeanne. Then he sees how Luchist takes three archangels at the same time as his own archangel: Lucifer. Marco reveals that Luchist formed the X Lois and left them for Hao. When it becomes clear that Lynx is stronger than Marco and that his plan is to kill the Iron Maiden. Lyserg is desperate, but Yoh reveals his plan to defeat Lynx. Lyserg then creates a super-soul of himself and runs to convince Joan to help him in his plan. Luchist then cuts off Lyserg`s super-soul and the realities he has been deceived. Zeruel of Lyserg then destroys Lucifer and Lynx faints before destruction. Luchist managed to pass the preliminary rounds of the Shaman King tournament and accompanied Hao and the rest of his disciples to the second round. Luchist was by his master`s side while Hao watched the fights and eventually Luchist feuded with Hao and Opacho against one of the X-Law teams.

Hao asked them to step back so they could fight the X-Laws himself, and the lynx and opacho looked at the X-laws crushed by the spirit of fire. The last member, Chris Venstar, after Hao revealed that the medium of the fire spirit was oxygen in the air, took out a grenade to remove all the oxygen and destroy Hao. Panicked, Lynx pounds the fence around the arena and orders Hao to escape, but his master is seized by the archangel Metatron. The grenade exploded, much to Luchist`s horror, but the smoke cleared, revealing that Hao had turned the fire spirit into water so that he could protect it. Later, Hao ordered Luchist to help Yoh fight the X-Laws, and Luchist attacked the X-Laws on their freighter. When John Denbat attacked him with his archangel spirit Raphael, Lucifer lukept, who shredded Raphael with his claws faster than the X-Laws could see. Luchist said he would attack more slowly next time, as Lucifer slowly revealed himself and the fallen angel destroyed with his plague what was left of Raphael before tearing Uriel and Sariel apart as well. Marco is a medium-sized man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen in an X-Laws uniform. He wears glasses because of his high astigmatism.

They can break easily, so he wears three spare glasses in his shoulder pad, each with a different degree of resistance. [3] Description: Lucifer means “morning star”, also known as Helel in Hebrew. He wields a large club in one of his hands and stands out strongly from the other nine archangels with his black colors, black wings and large claws. He is the first and with his Reiyoku level also the second most powerful of all archangels. His first appearance was when Luchist attacked the “X-I” and “X-II” teams on the Ark X. Marco himself reveals that the true form of the archangels is their car form. With the super soul, the archangel`s self-form can be controlled by his shamans. [4] If the minds of shamans focus more on devices than on their religious piety in angels, when they invoke spirits, the colorations of mechanical archangels can change.

As Bron`s anger mounted, Lyserg began to examine him and think about when he might attack.[5] The fight ends with Lyserg explaining how the spirit works on the bodies and performing a movement called “cremation” that burns badly and kills Bron. Immediately after their debut, archangels become the most feared spirits of the entire shaman Fight.In in addition to their power, their size is also an important factor, as armed winged fighting robots are almost impossible to beat when they also have three floors.