Various resources for finding legal representation are available through the Civil Legal Aid Hotline and other resources throughout the state. For more information on how to use these forms, please see our Discretion Policy. Special programs, legal options and other COVID-specific housing considerations. Order printed legal aid forms online via Baseline Management (external link) Guardianship for minors Create court forms to apply to the court to be appointed guardian of a child (under 17 years of age). Domestic Violence Protection Order Make court forms asking the court to order someone to stop harassing, harassing or abusing you. Find your nearest security center here or call the Oklahoma hotline at 800-522-7233 Note: Some forms are not available in hard copy (all flat-fee forms). Instructions for ordering legal aid forms from Baseline [PDF, 1.1 MB] These forms are available as PDF files for downloading, saving to your computer or printing and can be used as a pre-printed form. To view and print composite PDF forms, you need a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free from Adobe. In this section, you can obtain legal aid forms in several ways. The Forms Library contains court forms, legal documents, and letters for many types of legal issues. Use our Easy Form programs to create the forms you need. You can also download blank forms and fill them out on a computer or by hand.

This document is a collection of automated self-help forms from Legal Aid and other similar sources. Before using any of these forms, you should: Legal questions can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you don`t have a lawyer. If you can`t afford a lawyer, you can prepare legal documents and represent yourself in court. Each case is different. Be sure to talk to a lawyer about your case. Request for non-custodial parental visits Create court forms to ask the court to enforce your access rights if you are not the non-custodial parent. NOTE: These online forms CANNOT BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. If you agree to the Terms of Use, you agree that you are a self-represented user or that you are a lawyer who assists a client without charging a fee. Information and instructions What is this program? Equal Justice Wyoming (EJW) is a court agency responsible for improving access to justice and improving civil legal aid services in Wyoming. Your website provides additional information, forms and resources for litigants.

Community calendar of events on legal aid. Please note that counselling at legal aid clinics is limited to non-criminal matters, such as: family law; estates, such as wills or living wills; Real estate; owner/tenant; public services; federal tax matters; and consumer and debt issues. Income restrictions may apply. Setting up these templates for first use takes a little longer, but it will save you time and effort. They make it easy to calculate tax invoices, changes and application forms. Enter the required details and the model will do the calculations for you. You can edit them, save them as a Word document, and print them. Stateside Legal Tool Use it to learn more about your legal issues and where to find more information and help.

Information and forms on reservations and legal land charges If you are a legal aid lawyer and need an online connection, call Baseline on 0800 Baseline (0800 227 354). Form 4 Non-fixed criminal legal aid fees [PDF, 338 KB] The Supreme Court offers a variety of forms in family law, garnishment, protection orders, small claims and others to help users represent themselves in court. All instructions should be read in full when using these forms. Additional forms and legal information are available on the Equal Justice Wyoming website. Stop or lower a garnishment If your paycheck or bank account is seized and you have Social Security or limited income, you may be able to get help. Read very carefully the information on who qualifies for a home exemption. You must file a request for a hearing with the court. This interactive interview will help you create the court forms and information you need to apply for a hearing. Don`t wait, this request for a hearing must be submitted within 5 days of your notice of attachment. After that, you can request a hearing, but you may have to pay an application fee. If you have a general question about legal aid, call 0800 2 Legal Aid (0800 253 425). Application form for family and civil legal assistance [PDF, 3.6 MB] Legal Report for Veterans (Curo Legal) Help veterans identify legal needs and clear solutions.

For your convenience, tickets can be paid for electronically. Surety Plan Increasing Process Experience [PDF, 712 KB] Can I save my answers if I need more information or need to work on them later? This error is more common when you use the Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser to open a specific type of PDF form. To resolve this issue, make sure Adobe Acrobat Reader is installed and follow the steps above. Form 24C Fixed Fee D-F [PDF, 365 KB] [PDF, 348 KB]. Lawyers who have an active portal ID can submit an electronic application to add additional fees, make changes to an existing certificate, or request a new certificate if the fee is handled separately. Those who do not have a portal ID can complete the manual application form, print it and fax it to the number indicated at the bottom of the form. Instructional videos on topics that often affect veterans and their families. COVID-19: Early release of inmates This request is limited to individuals seeking remedies for early release of inmates during COVID-19. Form 11 Request for Reconsideration [PDF, 496 KB]. Your browser must accept cookies and must not block pop-ups. —————————————————————————————— Form 42 Victim Orders Against Violent Offenders [PDF, 416 KB].

Criminal Case Assignment Preference Form [PDF, 655 KB]. In certain cases where exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated, a discretionary increase in the payment of an account may be granted if an account has exceeded the maximum rate of the certificate.