Creator Mode Workshop



Leverage Creator Mode on LINKEDIN: Showcase your THOUGHT LEADERSHIP & Grow your Audience & Influence 

In this 1 hour hands-on workshop, we will dive deep into the various features available to LinkedIn users through Creator Mode.

I will guide you on how you can use 7 of its KEY FEATURES to build, cultivate and promote your personal brand, your expertise, and visibility to your target audience that can lead to the career or business growth you want.

Creator Mode not only provides you with the tools and resources to build your own table but also allows you to invite other people to have a seat at your table.

Using Creator Mode has helped me create a strategic network on LinkedIn, elevated my thought leadership, converted leads into clients and created influence and impact.

The cost of the workshop is $29 and includes the live workshop, a workbook and a link to the recording so you can watch it at your convenience and as often as you like.

Hey, this is Nyna Caputi,

I help women executives, entrepreneurs and business teams strategically leverage LinkedIn to become known as the thought leader in their area of expertise, job function or industry that leads to new clients or partnerships for them or the company they work for.

Through my LinkedIn workshops, I have taught 100s of women how to power up their Linkedin profiles, presence and network to build their authority as experts in their area of expertise, industry or job function to get dynamic results.

 There are 850 plus users on LinkedIn but only 1 – 5% are truly engaged on this platform.

 Let me show you how to go from hiding in the shadows, feeling invisible and overlooked  to getting the clarity and confidence  you need to show up on LinkedIn to become the respected and go-to authority in the marketplace and get the success you want and deserve.

Services Include: LinkedIn Power Hours | LinkedIn Training for Businesses | LinkedIn Coaching and Consulting | Group Coaching and Training in the LinkedIn Thought Leadership Academy


What people are saying about my LinkedIn workshops and training ...

“Nyna Caputi conducted a workshop Introduction to Leveraging your LinkedIn Profile for our #NEOWIT group. Nyna, is an effective speaker and has hosted a very valuable and interactive workshop with lots of helpful and actionable tips and strategies to power up our LinkedIn Profiles and Presence. She also gave emphasis to relationship building and having strong connections and network.”
– Deepa Rao, Programmer,  Vice President of


“Recently, Nyna presented a session on using LinkedIn to network and be noticed for your expertise – this was for academics looking to pivot their careers to industry or entrepreneurship. It was pitched just right and everyone had a great time with the achievable tasks that Nyna set out during the live session on my private Facebook group. I know that people feel a lot more comfortable after being guided by Nyna! I would definitely recommend Nyna for a speaking engagement as she knows her stuff!! ”                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Luna Muñoz Centifanti, Coach for Recovering Academics


“I recently did the 1:1 VIP LinkedIn and Personal Branding Coaching and Consulting Sessions with Nyna. She helped me get clarity on my messaging and my branding, revamp my LinkedIn profile to showcase my expertise and promote my new book “EMERGE” and also build my visibility. She also helped me create content for my LinkedIn posts, do a LinkedIn live to launch my book and build my network. If you are looking for a coach/consultant to help you strategically grow your LinkedIn profile, online presence and build and promote your brand, products or services, you should work with Nyna.”                                          – Paula Echeverri, Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker