Link (in) for Success School


Welcome to Link (in) for Success School!

Learn to master LinkedIn so you can you position yourself as the expert in your field and attract the clients, jobs and the career success you want. 

A program designed to help you go from feeling stuck, confused and not knowing how to use LinkedIn effectively to getting the clarity and tools to building a powerful profile and presence on LinkedIn that will ACTUALLY help you get results.

This program is just launching and the doors will be opening very soon, so get in as a beta or founding participant to get the lowest price as well as get involved in helping create the school. The price is $35/month for as long as you stay in the program if you join as a beta or founding participant when it opens up next week.

As a member, you get access to monthly workshops and training focused on the four pillars of LinkedIn and new features that the platform is constantly adding.

Pillar 1 – LinkedIn Profiles

Pillar 2 – LinkedIn Content Creation

Pillar 3 – LinkedIn Connections

Pillar 4 – LinkedIn Communications

Bonus: LinkedIn Creator Mode and LinkedIn Pages

There will also be group coaching and Q&As, content reviews, checklists and guides and accountability.

Hi, I am Nyna Caputi!

A LinkedIn Coach, Consultant and Trainer. 

LinkedIn helped me build my brand, connect with my target audience and  helped me grow, scale and monetize my business,

I now enjoy helping other professionals use the power of LinkedIn to get the opportunities and success they want. 

” I hadn’t updated my LinkedIn profile in ages. I never realized how important it is for your brand and your message. Nyna gave great insight on what I should include in my profile should include as well as what I didn’t need. She also was instrumental in helping me become more intentional on how I show up on LinkedIn, from my own posts and engagement on others. Most importantly I enjoyed her genuine support and enthusiasm for my mission. She wants to see you succeed. I would highly recommend her expertise as a LinkedIn trainer and coach.”
Rajinder Rai