What do you want to be known for on LinkedIn?

Have you discovered the skills or expertise that you what to be known for?

We all have innate unique skills that make us exceptionally good at what we do, make us stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the right people.

– For some, they find it early in their careers.

– For others, like myself, it took years and lots of trial and error.

– It can also evolve over time.

– It’s best to be known for one thing

If you haven’t got clarity as yet on what you are good at or finding work that you would enjoy doing, here are some tips that might help you:

– What types of books, podcasts or events are you drawn too?

– What do you love talking about or learning more about?

– Ask your friends, colleagues, and family what they think your unique skills are or what they think you are good at

– List all the things you dislike doing.

– Start putting yourself out there and sharing things you enjoy doing.

Have you found your area or expertise or need help finding it? 

Let me know either way in the comments below or sending me an email.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms to GET KNOWN for your skills as it offers multiple opportunities to showcase your expertise


Your banner

Your cover story

Your headline

Your about section

Your featured section

Your skills

Your experience

Your recommendations


There are many ways to use content to get known by your target audience

  • Posts

Create content that makes you stand out as an expert in various formats including text posts, visual posts, video, polls, document posts, articles.

  • Comments

Add value or showcase your expertise by leaving meaningful comments on other users’ posts, thoughtful feedback, or ask an insightful question.


Turn on Creator Mode on your profile and get access to additional opportunities to shine the spotlight on your expertise

Here are three of the features that can help get known for your skills:

Hashtags – feature your unique skills.

Newsletter – create content on a specific topic that resonates with, and engages your target audience.

LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Audio Events – build your authority as the go-to-expert in your area of expertise and build your know, like and trust factor with your target audience

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