Overcome Impostor Syndrome on LinkedIn

What’s holding you back from being active on LinkedIn?

There are over 850 million users on LinkedIn but it’s estimated that only 2%-4% truly engage on this platform.

I have worked with clients who initially found it challenging to put themselves out there on LinkedIn.

They preferred to be lurkers and not engage as they were either waiting to be “perfect”, were afraid of what people would say, were full of self-doubt.

As LinkedIn is a professional platform, showing up on this platform might be harder than on any other social media platform.

❌ You are worried about being judged by your colleagues, supervisors, or clients, former or current.

❌ You feel you don’t have any expertise to share 

❌ You are worried about what people will say

❌ You feel like you don’t belong

❌ You are afraid you will make a fool of yourself

❌ You feel you will post and no will react or comment

❌ You don’t know where to start

Also since people often post their achievements and success there is the tendency to compare yourself to others. 

😣 This could exacerbate the feelings of imposter syndrome which is what is often stopping you from engaging on the platform.

➡️ NOTE: You don’t need to start writing posts right off the bat. You can start small


✅ Endorse the skills of people in your network that you have worked with.

✅ Join groups that are active and are relevant to what you do.

✅ Join LinkedIn events where you can enhance your learning and make new connections.

✅ Follow experts in your field or people who may have your target audience.

✅ Follow hashtags on topics that you want to know more about.

✅ Follow company pages that you want to work for or collaborate with.

✅ React and comments on posts of people who share content you are interested in.

✅ Send invites to people you want to have in your network and include a personalized message briefly letting them know why you want to connect with the.

✅ Send messages to your existing contacts to check in on them, compliment them on a recent accomplishment or post.

– Select just one of these to do today or this week.

– As you get more comfortable, move on to some of the other tips I shared.

– The main thing is to be consistent and do what works best for you.

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