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I can’t tell you how many times people have called me Nina instead of Nyna ( nine-a).

If you have a name that the locals are not familiar with, it’s likely to be mispronounced.

The same could happen when you move to a country where people have names that you are not sure how to pronounce.

I’ve been guilty of mispronouncing names. So you are not alone!

I remember when I was first looking for a job in the US, a career coach told me that my full name which is Nayantara might be hard for recruiters to pronounce.

That they may not invite me for an interview because they were afraid of mispronouncing it when they address me.

That being said, you don’t need to move countries to come across a name that you might not know how to pronounce.

With the global virtual events, workshops and meetings and remote work on the rise, it’s likely you might have a speaker or host, a client, a colleague, a jobseeker, a hiring manager or a podcast guest that has a name that you don’t know how to pronounce.

I love that LinkedIn is addressing this with their name pronunciation feature

“Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy — it’s an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace. That’s why we decided to provide a feature that gives you the option to share how to pronounce your name.” LinkedIn press release on the launch of their new name pronunciation feature in 2020.


Use the name pronunciation feature to record your name and also listen to the recordings of those you are going to be interacting with

When you use this feature to record the pronunciation of your name, the recording is displayed right next to your name below your profile photo in the introductory card.

You currently can’t record or edit your name pronunciation on the LinkedIn desktop site. It can only be done on the LinkedIn iOS/Android mobile app.


  1. Tap your profile photo, then View Profile.
  2. Tap the 🖊 Edit icon from your introduction section.

3. Tap + Record name pronunciation.
4. Tap the recording button and hold to record your name. Note: You can also cancel or preview the recording.
5. Tap the Use button when you’re satisfied with your recording. Note: You can also Retake the recording.
6. Tap Save.


While recording:

  • Make sure that the total recording time is within 10 seconds.
  • Limit background noise.
  • Speak slowly and pronounce each syllable clearly.
  • Hold the phone four inches from your mouth.


It should take you less than 10 seconds to record your name. If you want to maximize this feature, you could include a brief welcome message and share a little about yourself.

Check out how I pronounce my name and the message I’ve included by going to my profile and clicking on the audio or speaker icon next to my name.

🔴 Let me know in the comments if you are using this name pronunciation feature or once you do, let me know and I will check it out.

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